1906 Solomon and Norcross formed with offices in Candler Building.

1917 First mechanical calculator - Burroughs adding machine.

1918 Solomon and Norcross dissolves and Firm renamed to Paul Norcross Consulting Engineer.

1925 P.H. Norcross tragic death on the Mississippi River.

1925 Firm name changed to Wiedeman and Singleton with a loan from First National Bank.

1938 Wiedeman and Singleton provides pro-bono assistance for WWII.

1942 Change in offi ce location to the C&S Building (Marietta & Broad Street).

1947 First electromechanical “calculator” capable of multiplication -Marchant.

1952 Change in office location to West Peachtree near 5th Street.

1955 Purchase of an RCA Electrofax for copying documents eliminating need for carbon copies.

1962 Change in office location to 1789 Peachtree Road.

1964 Teletype computing with 10 characters per second performed in Minneapolis using a Control Data “super computer” as part of a computer time-sharing arrangement.

1972 Purchase of the first programmable computer HP (Model 9810A) with LED display.

1978 WANG word processing system that replaced hard copy editing and duplication.

1980 Firm purchases Micro Nova MP/100 computer.

1982 Firm purchases portable computers (Kaypro II).

1983 Firm purchases Summagraphics CAD computer and digitizing board – 1st CAD station.

1985 Firm purchases Autodesk CAD software.

1993 Installation of 1st LAN (Local Area Network) - Novel Networking 3.1.

1994 Installation of 1st Geographic Information System software (MAPINFO).

1995 Firm ownership expanded to include Peter Johns, Gary Trott, Hal Wiedeman, Pete Snyder, and Justin Wiedeman in addition to John Wiedeman.

2001 Firm ownership expanded to include Troy Began, Carl Schneider and Bill Whitley.

2007 Firm ownership expanded to include Scott Trott.

Digital Plotter, 1988

Burroughs Adding Machine, 1917