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Our Firm is proud to serve many jurisdictions across the Southeast. The Firm continues to focus on “everything water” from the initial planning and regulatory steps through construction services, we maintain a focus on serving our clients.

Membrane Water Treatment Facility:
Monroe Utilities, Georgia

The treatment facility has a capacity of 10 million gallons per day (MGD) and is designed around an entirely new membrane filtration system. The Monroe treatment plant conversion to membrane filtration was the first permitted in the State of Georgia. The expansion included the replacement of the existing sand filters with membrane filtration units as well as extensive renovations and retrofitting of existing facilities. The selection of membranes was based on extensive pilot studies that verified superior water quality performance at comparable cost to conventional treatment. The pilot studies verified successful treatment of high turbidity water exceeding 300 NTU and effective removal of metals, particularly iron and manganese.

Water Treatment Plant Expansion:
Rock Hill, South Carolina

The Rock Hill Water Treatment Plant was originally constructed in 1946. Since 1954, Wiedeman and Singleton has been responsible for the design and construction management of five major plant expansion/modification projects to the plant. The latest expansion will increase treatment capacity from 24-MGD to 36-MGD to meet the needs of the rapidly growing community. The facility is designed for ultimate expansion to 60-MGD as demand dictates. The project included air/water backwash filter renovations, construction of chemical feed facilities, piping improvements, a new clearwell and upgrades to the existing facility, in addition to a 54-inch diameter raw watermain to assure adequate water supply.

Bear Creek Reservoir:
Jackson County, Georgia

The Bear Creek Reservoir provides water supply to Athens-Clarke County, Oconee County, Barrow County, and Jackson County. The project will provide a dependable yield of 54-MGD to the water treatment plant based on Bear Creek flows and diversion from the North Oconee River. Wiedeman and Singleton in conjunction with Golder Associates provided design services for the emergency spillway and principal spillway/release structure for the regional reservoir that includes an 85-foot high dam. The 4.8 billion gallon capacity reservoir required decades in the approval process and will serve the growing areas of Athens and environs for generations to come.

Dalton Utilities Water Reclamation System:
Dalton, Georgia

The Dalton Utilities Wastewater Treatment System consists of three treatment plants and a land application site supplemented by water reuse to a gas turbine power generating facility. The facilities are capable of processing nearly 100-MGD during peak conditions. The upgrade projects involved rehabilitation and additions to the Riverbend Plant as well as a new 20-MGD Loopers Bend Treatment facility while maintaining operations to treat existing waste loads. The projects were completed on a fast-track basis to comply with regulatory requirements. This included commissioning facilities before contract completion to provide early operations and enhanced water quality. The project was completed ahead of schedule for a cost under $100 million.

Wastewater Reclamation Plant Upgrade and Expansion:
Cairo, Georgia

In conjunction with US Filter, the Design/Build project involved improvements to the City of Cairo’s existing wastewater treatment plant. The facility had been the focus of a Consent Order for land application and other concerns. The US Filter and Wiedeman and Singleton Team worked closely with City Officials to resolve regulatory issues based on design and construction of new treatment facilities with a new NPDES Permit for discharge to Parkers Mill Creek. The expanded plant will have a permitted treatment capacity of 3.0-MGD on a maximum monthly average and the hydraulic capacity of the plant is 8.0-MGD with a stream discharge. In addition to rehabilitation and replacement of major equipment, the project incorporates phosphorus removal, effluent filtration and ultraviolet disinfection.

Allen Creek Regional Pumping Station:
Gainesville, Georgia

The Allen Creek Regional Sewerage Facilities were constructed to extend sewer service to approximately 2,600 acres east of the City of Gainesville in the vicinity of Monroe Drive. The 3.0-MGD pump station has an ultimate capacity of nearly 5.0-MGD. The project included the construction of new gravity sewers, a wastewater pump station, force main, and enlarged downstream gravity sewers. As a result of construction of these new wastewater collection facilities, the City was able to abandon an existing pump station approaching the end of its useful life as well as several segments of existing gravity sewers that contributed an excessive amount of I&I into their collection system.

Membrane Water
Treatment Facility
Monroe Utilities, GA

Bear Creek Reservoir
Jackson County, GA

Wastewater Reclamation
Plant Upgrade and Expansion
Cairo, GA

Allen Creek Regional
Pumping Station
Gainesville, GA